What is Wiki Trip about?

Wikipedia is a free collaborative encyclopedia which is edited every day by a lot of people all over the world. Did you ever wonder from which country did the contributions come from?

Wiki Trip gives you the oppurtunity to have a simple and effective visualization about the edits on a specific page in a temporal context.

Note: The map displays only anonymous edits because tracing registered users is against Wikipedia's Privacy Policy and because this kind of data is not public.

Wiki Trip is a project of Federico "fox" Scrinzi with contributions by Paolo Massa and Maurizio Napolitano of SoNet@FBK.

What are the plots showing?

Which data is Wiki Trip using?

Wiki Trip uses data from Toolserver. Using a Toolserver account is possible to access to a restricted copy of the Wikipedia database.

We developed some simple APIs to retrieve data from the Toolserver database:

Note: The API's output is in JSON format

The APIs are open source (GPL v3) and much code has been taken from Xi!'s articleinfo. We thank Xi a lot for his awesome work!

If you're interested you can find the source code here on Github

What a cool timeline! I'd like to have a similar one on my web app!

Sure! It's extremely easy :) I wrote an OpenLayers plugin that does everything for you.

All you need to do is to pass the data to the library and it will make a timeline synchronized with the map. See the project page on Github or a demo.

Wiki Trip is free software!

Wiki Trip is developed by Federico "fox" Scrinzi. The source code is released under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License and you can find the repository on Github. If you are interested in contributing please fork it!

I have a suggestion for improving Wiki Trip. Are you interested?

Absolutely! You can send suggestions and bug reports at sonet at fbk dot eu or through Github. And, as Wikipedians puts it, Be bold! ;)

What is Wikipedia?

The most amazing thing ever! Actually we agree with Randall Munroe of xkcd that it's so easy to end productivity when you enter on Wikipedia.org and, three Hours of Fascinated Clicking Later, you find yourself having learnt about so many new concepts (but not having your work done ;)

What we find amazing is that, at 31 March 2011, 68,943,830 pages (of which, 18,284,271 are articles) have been created by 28,328,543 Wikipedians (of which 4,839 are administrators) with a grand total of 1,095,819,060 edits (source)!

If 10 years ago, we would have been to tell you "I think it is possible and it is going to happen that in 2011 the volunteer work of 30 million people will be able to create a free-for-everyone encyclopedic resource whose quality is comparable with Britannica", you would have laughed at us.

Well, what we like about Wikipedia the most is that it is there to testify and demonstrate that humans can get together to create fantastic commons and resources free for everyone!

Contact us and share

If you like Wiki Trip, if you don't like it or if you want to fill a bug report please contact us!

You can write us by email at sonet AT fbk DOT eu.

If you want to share a trip inside Wikipedia with friends generate a permalink and share it through social networks or simply use the share bar at the bottom of the page.