Survey on self-care practices regarding diabetes mellitus type 2

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This survey is one of the first steps in a European project that aims at developing a coaching service for helping people with diabetes type 2 to better manage their health and lifestyle. The objective of this survey is to explore current self-care practices among people with diabetes mellitus type 2. Understanding these practices will be very helpful to guide the design of the service.


The survey contains 25 questions, distributed in 4 groups about: general information of the respondent, current self-practices regarding diabetes, professional caregivers, and tools used to keep track of certain information about diabetes.

Sometimes, the questions can seem generic or far from your real-life context: this is because they were formulated to explore general patterns. To answer, please select the option that is nearest to your opinion. Please remember that this is not an evaluation questionnaire, and there are not right or wrong answers, all that matters is your opinion!


The survey is completely anonymous: no data about your location or your identity will be collected, therefore the survey does not fall under the Italian Personal Data Protection Code. The data will be analysed and reported, for example in scientific reports or publications, in aggregated and anonymized form, meaning that no personal information will be associated with the data.
Your data will be collected and processed electronically exclusively for research purposes, and may be communicated to third parties exclusively for research purposes.
The controller of the data is Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), Research Unit i3 - based in Via Santa Croce 77, 38122 Trento (Italia) -
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